Adopting courage

by Michelle Dennis

Courage is the choice you make when you decide to break free from the chains of your past. Focusing on your healing is a demonstration of self love that you can’t afford to ignore. Your happiness is worth the work required to heal. Living with unresolved emotional injury holds you captive to an outdated version of yourself. You deserve to live a life that reflects the biggest dream you can dare to imagine. When you gain the courage to work on yourself you set yourself free from the prison of your past. This book is a survivor’s guide to help you navigate along your personal growth journey.


Meet The Author

Michelle Dennis

Michelle Dennis is a philanthropist who advocates for the emotional healing of youth who have experienced childhood trauma. She uses her voice and her platform to spread awareness on the need for self love, self prioritization, self awareness and courage to cope with emotional injury. She is the founder of Enuff Enuff, an organization that inspires individuals to triumph after trauma. She is the proud mother of two young adults and is a fitness enthusiast.

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